Are you a retailer looking to sell Pyure's Retail Line of products in your stores?

Pyure products are available through UNFI, Kehe, DPI, SpartanNash, and Davidson.

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  • Pyure Organic Sweeteners available to buy for wholesale at UNFI
  • Pyure Organic Retail product line available for wholesale at KeHe.
  • Pyure Organic Retail sweetener and sugar-free product line available for wholesale at DPI.
  • Pyure Sweeteners and sugar-free products available to purchase in bulk at SpartanNash
  • Pyure Commercial Ingredients available to shop as wholesale for business at Davidson Specialty Foods.

...Or purchase wholesale directly through Faire

Are you a Bakery or Restaurant Looking for a Food Service Sweeting Solution?

Whether it's sweetener packets for your coffee stand, or a bulk sugar substitute for your baked goods, contact us so we can help find the right solution for you. 

Employee holding a cake.  Pyure Commercial Sweeteners are great for bakeries that offer no sugar or keto options.


"Healthy Body Bakery uses Pyure in our Keto desserts that we can’t keep in stock because of the natural taste that their perfected blend of organic stevia and organic erythritol have! It will fool you that it’s actually sugar free!! There is no sharp aftertaste that these no calorie sweeteners can often have when used by themselves! Thank you Pyure for providing such an awesome product!"

- Angela S., Owner and Baker at Healthy Body Bakery, TN