Bulk Commercial Stevia

The Pyure product line features a variety of high-purity, both USDA Organic Certified and conventional stevia sweeteners that are approved for food and beverage applications, as well as nutraceutical and dietary supplements. Pyure stevia products provide an excellent replacement for high-fructose corn-syrup, sugar, and agave nectar as they are sugar-free, fat-free, calorie-free, and carbohydrate-free.

  • Pyure Sweeteners are Trusted for Taste by Food and Beverage manufacturers


  • soda sugar free sweetener for manufacturing


  • sugar free cupcake with candle

    Baked goods

  • Keto granola bar


  • sugar free gummie bears

    Candy & Gummies

  • Popcorn. Pyure Bulk Sweeteners are great for food and beverage business. Contact us.


  • Pink ice cream.  Pyure Organic sweeteners are perfect for food and beverages companies. Available in bulk sizes.

    Dairy & Frozen

  • stevia for product powder with shaker

    powders & blends

  • Bottle of ketchup.  Pyure Wholesale ingredients are perfect for food and beverages applications.

    Syrups & toppings

  • iced coffee with stevia sugar substitute

    Cafe & food service

  • Vitamin capsules. Pyure Organic Commercial Ingredients can be used for applications like cosmetics and oral care.

    vitamins & Capsules

  • Lip Balm. Pyure Commercial Ingredients can be used for cosmetic applications. Great for al businesses.


  • mouthwash and oral care products made with erythrital

    Oral & dental

Stevia Leaf.  Pyure Organic Stevia Sweeteners are all natural and vegan and come from the stevia plant.

Pyure advantages

  • USDA Certified Organic Option Available 
  • NonGMO Project Verified
  • Approved for food and beverage applications under FDA GRAS status 
  • Sugar-Free, Fat-Free, and Calorie-Free 
  • Low glycemic index 
  • Gluten-free 
  • Keto friendly sugar subsitute
  • Soluble and bakeable 
  • pH and heat stable 
  • Excellent shelf life 
  • Third-party tested 
  • Quality control programs 
  • Sucrose-like profile 
  • Sweet taste with unique flavor profiles to fit your needs
  • Available in powder and liquid form

  • Pyure keto and low calorie sweeteners are USDA Organic certified.
  • Pyure Organic sweeteners and sugar-free baking mixes are non-GMO Project certified.
  • Pyure Organic sweeteners and sugar-free products are kosher.
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  • keto friendly icon
  • gluten free icon

Pyure Stevia Extracts are available with differing glycoside profiles to meet the unique needs of food, beverage, dietary supplement, oral & personal care applications. We process the cleanest tasting and most diverse range of stevia extracts available, eliminating the need for masking agents & modifiers.

stevia leaf extracts

  • Pyure leaf icon

    REB A

    Reb A 98%, 95%, 80%, 60%

    • Clean sweetness intensity
    • Slightly delayed onset
    • Variety of purity levels
  • Pyure leaf icon

    REB d

    • Upfront onset
    • Minimal Duration
    • Sucrose-like impact
  • Pyure leaf icon

    REB M

    • Fastest onset & finish
    • No sweetness tail
    • More sucrose-like sweetness

Custom blends

  • Pyure prime

    • Rebaudioside A, D, M
    • Most rounded sweetness profile
    • Most sucrose-like flavor
  • Pyure trio

    • Rebaudioside A, D, C
    • Round & even sweetness
    • Sugar-like impact

Contact an ingredients Specialist

Pyure has an in-house team that can find a solution the will fit your formulation needs. At Pyure, we oversee all aspects of our supply chain, enabling us to offer flexible minimums and extremely competitive pricing.