Maybe you were under the impression that sugar was your friend. After all, it’s always there if you need it — especially when you’re going through a breakup or under pressure at work. Because sugar has your back. Sugar makes you feel better… or does it?

When we consume sugar, it creates a temporary sugar high. That’s because added sugar spikes the glucose levels in the brain causing post-sugar binge glee. But after the sugar high wears off, things take a turn for the worse. Just like we hit that high, we hit a low when our glucose returns to its pre-sugar levels, which can cause us to experience anxiety, sluggishness or fatigue. Sugar also uses up our bodies vital nutrients like Vitamin B and chromium just for digestion. Ask yourself, what kind of “friend” would do that?

Not Stevia! Part of the sunflower family, the naturally sweet stevia leaf is 350 times sweeter than sugar. And with no calories, no glycemic index and nothing artificial, it lets you have your dessert and eat it too. So steer clear of toxic sugar and form a healthier relationship with organic stevia instead.