It’s the trend of the moment, only the moment has lasted nearly a decade. Funny then, that the benefits of juicing are largely unsupported by any scientific evidence.

Many choose to live the lifestyle on the assumption that it clears your body of toxins, but ask any scientist or doctor and they will assure you that’s what your liver is for.

Another potential drawback? People who juice often report low energy levels, which means they are less inclined to work out. For anybody trying to get fit, this poses an obvious problem.

Other people mistakenly believe that juicing kick-starts the metabolism, but this is simply not true. In fact, if anything, juicing slows the metabolism as the body works to conserve calories.

Furthermore, countless doctors argue that to consume juice is to consume straight sugar. Without the fiber that we get from eating our food whole, the sugars in juiced fruit are absorbed into your bloodstream at an expedited rate, causing blood sugar spikes (often symptomized by headaches, jitteriness and fatigue).

So should you swear off juice forever? Well, no. That seems a bit extreme. But in the ever-evolving quest to get healthy and stay that way, replacing real, wholesome food with a fiber-free liquid diet is hardly the place to start.

Of course, if you decide to supplement a healthy diet with the occasional juice, you can always load up on the veggies, ease off the fruit, and add some Pyure stevia extract for sweetness. Stay healthy!