Breakfast isn’t just the most important meal of the day — it also happens to be the sweetest! Let’s face it, many breakfast faves — warm blueberry pancakes drizzled in syrup, crispy squares of cinnamon toast, perfectly tart cranberry scones with a cup of coffee – could just as easily be found on a dessert menu.

It’s no surprise then that these are usually a special treat, rather than an every-day part of the morning routine. Steel cut oats, avocado toast and Greek yogurt are solid standby staples, but keeping it 100, there are some mornings where you just want to run into a bakery and eat all of the doughnuts.

These are the kinds of mornings that can ruin a whole day – or if you really go for it, a whole week – of diet and exercise. So when your sugar cravings simply won’t take no for an answer, opt for these healthy Sweet Tooth Solutions:

Sweet Tooth Solution #1: Pancakes

Instead of using five mixing bowls, a dozen ingredients and consuming countless calories, how about going for a two bowl, two ingredient recipe. Sound crazy? Well, it is crazy. Crazy delicious! *rimshot*

Simply mash two ripe bananas in a bowl, and combine with two whisked eggs. Then, cook as you would pancakes on a pan or flat top and voila – you have a naturally sweet pile of pillow-y goodness. If you’re looking for a little something extra, top it with Pyure’s maple-flavored syrup, made with organic stevia.

Sweet Tooth Solution #2: Sugary Cereal

Part of a complete breakfast? Not exactly. But hey, sometimes the nostalgia hits and only that one cereal will do. When that happens, try a mix of fresh fruits and berries topped with a healthy dose of seeds for that satisfying crunch. Better yet, toast and toss your seeds with a mix of cinnamon and organic stevia for that true cereal taste and feel.

Sweet Tooth Solution #3: Juice

Wait, but juice is healthy! Not exactly. Another member of the “part of this complete breakfast” fantasy, a single glass of orange juice can contain more calories, and nearly the same amount of sugar as a serving of soda. And believe it or not, this also holds true for some of the “healthier” green juices on the market.

So, when looking for a sweet beverage to pair with breakfast, cut up whatever fruits are in the fridge and toss them in a pitcher of sparkling water. It not only tastes great, but it looks fancy, and it’s super easy!

These are just a few Sweet Tooth Solutions to get the ball rolling — Expect more in the coming months!

But in the meantime, weigh in with what you use to settle your sweet tooth. Who knows, your Sweet Tooth Solutions might show up in our next post!