It happens all too often: I promise myself I’ll make smart, healthy choices, I fail to
keep said promise, then I promise to do better next time, I fail to keep that
promise, and so on and so forth until I throw in the towel, admit defeat, and dive
face first into a box of powdered donuts. Hey, I’m only human!

1. I will wake up with the sun.

Easy in theory. Impossible in practice.

2. I will hit the gym before work.

Please. I can’t lift my eyelids let alone a dumbbell before 10am.

3. I will eat fruit for breakfast.

I put an apple in my purse that I fully intended to eat, but apparently it’s “National Bagel Day.” Who knew?

4. I will get to the office early.

5 minutes late is basically early, right?

5. I will eat a salad for lunch.

Followed by breakroom pizza….followed by chocolate.

6. I will eat a nutritious dinner.

This frozen burrito has beans in it — beans are protein. Protein is nutritious.

7. I will only stay for one drink. Famous last words.
8. I will not binge watch TV tonight.

Cut to 6 episodes and 1 bag of microwave popcorn later…

9. I will go to go to sleep early.

Alright, in bed at a decent time, just one quick scroll through Instagram and…WHEN DID IT BECOME 11:55?

10. I will skip the sugar in my coffee.

I drink my coffee sweet every morning,but I can’t remember the last time I had it with sugar. Pyure Organic Stevia sweetens with all of the flavor and none of the calories (or chemicals, for
that matter). It’s organic, it’s delicious, and most importantly, it helps me keep my promise to myself. Say what you will, but I’m considering this a